Want to catch the people stealing your fuel, stock and farm gear?

Have you ever had the gut twist you get when you just realised that you’ve been RIPPED OFF? Maybe it was an ex-employee, Maybe you suspect someone or even know who it is! but haven’t been able to prove it. We’re a FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS thats been helping the rural community catch would be thieves for over 16 years.

Helping farmers for 16 years. We will secure your farm from theft of stock, tools, fuel, quad bikes and from losing thousands from Vat tampering. We provide a FREE consultation
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Number Plate Capture Day and Night!

Benefits of security cameras

We know well the pains of rural New Zealanders. We help safe guard you from theft, trespassing, disgruntled workers and ex-employees and help you manage current employees with the use of video surveillance cameras.

  • 3 year warranty on all work!

    You can have PEACE OF MIND knowing your system is covered with a 3 year warranty. No extra Charge. Now that's service!

  • Timed and dated for court evidence

    All camera footage is timed and dated. So if you have an incident you can go to the date and CATCH THE WOULD BE THIEVES RED HANDED

  • Protect Expensive tools, bikes and chemicals.

    We all know those expensive tools are hot spots for would be thieves. The camera system will protect you from activities from disgruntled staff to the local thieves stealing your gear to fund their drug habits.

  • Latest technology, high resolution images of all people captured on surveillance

    If you have an incident - The police come and down load the camera footage onto USB stick - The courts convict the burglar/thief - You get to sleep easy.

"If nothing else, i have peace of mind"

From one Farmer to Another

"After years of unrest, We now sleep easier knowing we're protected"

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