Farm Security Cameras

We will come to your property and provide a FREE consultation to assess your residence and provide guidance on how to secure your property.

You will have assurance knowing you have a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on your security camera system

Operate New Zealand wide and in some of the most remote locations in New Zealand.

VAT Protection

Ever worried about your VAT being tampered with? your not the only one! We’ve help hundreds of farmers deal with these incidence

Want to know who’s taking fuel?

Fuel theft is one of the most common offences on farms and most farmers don’t even know it’s happening!

Farm shed Protection

High resolution images of all people captured on surveillance cameras. Footage suitable for court evidence (competition often isn’t)


  • Cameras can be connected for multiple area monitoring  e.g. Driveway, Fuel tank, Tool shed and Milk vat.
  • The unit will hold 1 to 2 months of information via a rewriting hard drive system. Early footage is automatically deleted and replaced with new footage, thereby always providing a full hard drive of current information.
  • All data is timed, dated, in colour, and ready for immediate transfer to your USB stick so that it can be provided to the police for swift action.

Driveway Camera copy

Driveway Camera

Your Staff Won't Even See Them

  • The driveway camera is hidden, if it is not it will in our experience be stolen.

Number Plate Capture, Day and Night

  • Registration capture is our specialty with excellent results both day and night. Motion detection is an additional feature of the system and footage may be viewed via the internet and smart phones.


car plate 1


Certified Security Technicians Approved by Ministry of Justice

  • Installation is completed on your property by trained, security licensed, professionals.
    On site training is offered on all installations throughout New Zealand.
  • All installations include site evaluation, camera, cable and recorder installation,  fittings, power packs and labour.